Review: “Reset” EP by Navian

An instrumental trio from Oslo Norway, Martin, Ola and Alex are inspired by the likes of Animals As Leaders and Covet to create their own Technical Melodies and hooks for Navian. Oh and they love Nintendo. If that wasn’t obvious from the title of opening track “Multiplayer” then it should be obvious from the funky bright introduction with a high paced energy and enthusiasm giving it a real zest for life. Mixed and mastered by the famous Simon Grove (Plini, Intervals) if you can hear the sounds of epic battles brought to life with this slick soundtrack, well this isn’t for you.

We’ve got no idea while the Progressive joy of “Schoolyard” isn’t called “Daytona Beach” because there is nothing that evokes memories of playground punch ups or books being thrown across class rooms here. Instead it’s a bright and rich tapestry of polyrhythmic solar flares that makes us think about feet in the warm sand. But each to their own. “Matcha Tea” has never been a drink we’ve been a fan of, preferring the Yorkshire variety that sponsors Black Coast but then what’s in a title? A song with a wonderful melody and sunshine vibe with some interesting hooks that uplift the mood on a rainy, cold winters day, it’s a fine offering to the Gods. “Shiba” lives in polyrhythmic tones with some solos that move away neatly before moving back and offering something new. There is a fair amount of music with each track that makes it impossible to hear it all on the first listen because you’re too busy marveling at its virtuoso moments [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Multiplayer
  2. Schoolyard
  3. Matcha Tea
  4. Shiba

“Reset” by Navian is out now

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