Review: “Self Titled” EP by HeadShot Five

Infusing Alternative Metal, Hardcore and even Nu-Metal to create their sound, Lublin, Poland natives HeadShot Five released their self titled EP back in April, having been in the works for nearly four years. They’re currently working on the debut full length so while they do that, we’re filling in the gaps.

A classic menacing groove Hardcore riff beings “Deep Down” to life before some off kilter Nu-Metalisms take hold and chug through the verse. HeadShot Five maybe from Poland but the vocals are all in accented English and in pained nature is only highlighted by that. A classic Hardcore gang chant in the form of a backing vocal “Deep Down (DOWN)” adds that recoil to the gun fire while a schizophrenic rap screams of the verse create an air of unease. “Anger In My Veins” starts off as more of a mid tempo chugger before the dropping the guitars out for a bass only pattern. The Nu-Metal introspection of the lyrics is deep rooted with a Jonathan Davis like play on whisper and scream vocals in places continuing that sense of unease as tension with some dirge laiden riffs. “Weight Of The Waterfall” speaks of.the downward spiral of concentric circles of depression being like a waterfall you try and drown yourself in while having a reworked and modernised or updated KoRn riff you may recognise. It’s got a solo of sorts which is something of a fun oddity. “Into The Storm” starts off as a pile driver of a track before slowing up for a cleaner chorus that harks back the early Dry Kill Logic days without some of the slick production. Dropping out to a spoken word and melodic bridge before rising up majestically with a solo that you don’t expect them to have in them is a wonderful moment to end on. It might not be as original as it could be but it’s still great fun [6.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Deep Down
  2. Anger In My Veins
  3. Weight Of The Waterfall
  4. Into The Storm

“Self Titled” by HeadShot Five is out now and available over at bandcamp

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