Live Review: Inhuman Nature w/Hope Through Hostility, Jawless, Death Warrant & Own Your Life @ Reading Facebar

The first Metal Noise gig review of 2020 is More Than Music #2, a benefit Show For Project Child Save at Reading Facebar. So before we get into the blood, the sweat and the beers, here’s what Inhuman Nature have to say about the cause, along with a link for donations:All profits from this show will go to Project Child Save – a non-profit organization dedicated to helping prevent child abductions and kidnapping through education and public awareness campaigns. When these heinous acts are perpetrated against our children, Project Child Save, through it’s international network, finds these abducted innocents who have been taken against their will and sold into slavery, and retrieves them, returning them to their loved ones.

Project Child Save is the continuation of a lifetime of effort by Ty Ritter and other professionals in security and protection services. Ritter has worked for years in kidnap recovery and kidnap prevention. To date, Ritter and his team have recovered over five hundred kidnap victims from countries all over the world. Over half of the victims were children taken by strangers and sold into sexual slavery.

So if you want to know more or donate, click here.

Own Your Life [8/10] have an upcoming debut album and unload a collection of new material in the Thrashed up Metallic Hardcore sub-genre to tease an unsuspecting audience. Having witnessed their sound check we know we’re in for a treat and that is exactly what we get. “Message To The World” is a closing set highlight with a socially aware lyric that is second to none and when “Cretin” kicks in, hammers are being thrown. The St Neots quintet released a split EP “Before Death Finds Us” with Death Warrant in 2018 and the pair have been sharing stages since.

Death Warrant [8/10] see two steppers unite for a a Metallic Hardcore set with Deathcore vocals throughout. It’s a hometown throwdown for the Reading residents and then love every moment especially with 27th December saw them release EP “Vs The World” which is free with the ticket and they hold nothing back. When one of their guitarists slams back a double Morgan’s Spiced Rum and a bottle of Desperado pre-set, you know what time it is! We’re expecting to see a lot more shows from them in 2020 having spent a fair amount of time and energy on their third EP of which a review is forthcoming. Burn It Down Festival?

Jawless [8/10] are a female fronted Thrashcore Metal band formed in London and feature former members of NONAME. Frontwoman Teresa Vendetta is as vicious as they come, prowling back and forth in front of the stage while she spits venom with a vocal style in keeping with the bark of Tatiana Shmayluk of Jinjer fame. The riffs flow from the very start and with songs like “Until Every Cage Is Empty” they have a bright future ahead of them with an Eastern Block feel to them. After all they have festival dates booked in Spain and Belgium for later this year…

Hope Through Hostility [8/10] dropped their third album in 2018 with “What This Means To Me” which caught our attention, not only as being a mighty fine piece of work but also because it features guest appearances from members of Ironed Out and Life Betrays Us. Their live show matches that quality with the London Hardcore quartet playing a career spanning set that oozes class. How they’ve managed to go under our radar until now escapes us and there is no doubt in our minds that they should be on much bigger stages than this and should have been a shoe in for opening this years Persistence Tour show in London.

Inhuman Nature [9/10] are the main event and they waste no time in diving into cuts from their self titled album. Chris Barling is the ideal frontman for a band of their nature as his bark contrasts the whammy bar laden riffs perfectly. We’re going to call them England’s answer to Power Trip and they should be playing Bloodstock this year. Having been forced to cancel shows due to illness in the camp last year, they’ve already announced a quartet for January and are a must see act. The album is a high quality piece of material but in the live arena they bring another 10% to their game with a higher energy to everything they do. Make no mistake, Inhuman Nature are going to be absolutely huge.

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