Live Review: Martyr Defiled w/ Borders & Cope @ Camden Underworld

It’s the final tour from Lincoln Deathcore crew Martyr Defiled. There 11 years on the scene has spawned 4 albums 1 EP and a handful of singles and demos and an ocean of live action. But with drummer Richard Duffin needing to spend more time with his young family and the other band members moving on with their lives, it’s fitting that this run should come together so they can go out with a bang rather than a whimper. Joining them at tonight’s show are fellow Lincoln crew Borders, whose EP “Diagnosed” we reviewed a while back. They also featured on our growing black map of the UK Underground Metal scene with their Tech-Metal infused sound impressing and new material being on the way. Last but by no means least are Cope, whose pair of EPs in “Challenge Oppression / Pursue Equality” and “Tooth & Nail” have been doing the rounds on our playlist recently.

Cope [7/10] are the openers tonight. The London band have played everywhere except the Underworld so tonight is a coup for them. It’s also their last show of 2018 as they take a break before recording their debut full length following a pair of EPs. They like to call themselves “Heavy Punk” and while that maybe their ethos, it’s far from their sound. What they do deliver is a set that that gives the likes of Cancer Bats a run for their money. Heavy on the riffs and heavy on the groove. They’ve spent the day helping out the charity Mind, cutting hair and raising awareness for mental health. It’s all very worthwhile.

Borders [9/10] don’t waste any time in smashing out of the park a set that mixes current EP “Diagnosed” with new material they are sat on awaiting label action. It’s heavy with Metalcore infused with Tech-Metal riffage as they unviel slab after slab of high quality material. New song “Destroy Everything” had the crowd chanting “Burn” during the chorus as the Lincoln crew bounce around the stage. If they aren’t playing to bigger audiences by this time next year then there will be something wrong with the World. Some of the new material has spoken word and rap screams bordering (no pun intended) on Grime vocal delivery, but the rest of the band deliver suitable crush. “Analyst” and “Comatose” are simply stunning in the bands high energy set and there is no doubt that big things are coming for this band.

Martyr Defiled [9/10] are on their farewell run but having been pushed by Borders set they are forced to be on their game tonight. What they deliver is a career spanning set of Deathcore material that leaves lesser bands in their wake. A band of this quality deserves to be celebrated and tonight the mosh pit is flooded as fans try and take the Microphone one last time. Songs like “Nemesis” and “616” go down a storm while “At The Throw Of Salem” from last year’s “Young Gods” brings the house down. There will be no reunion. The will be no more. Martyr Defiled are dead. Allegedly.

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