NEWS: Sleepwraith prepare for war with “The Aphelion Complex”!

Back in September, Sleepwraith entered The Physics Lab Studios in Edmonton Canada and with the help of Terry Paholek recorded a video for the opening cut of their upcoming 17th January releasing debut album “Day Terrors“. The track is called “The Aphelion Complex“. We can tell you that i’s a powerhouse record that is as intricate as they come. We’ve got a review appearing on 9th January so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

On the album Sleepwraith comment: “We created an album with little thought as to how it would be received, instead of focusing on making an album that we would want to hear. We’ve always felt that making art with this starting point has created some of the most genuine music out there. Hopefully, our fans enjoy music for the same reasons we do and enjoy this album as much as we do. The main inspiration is the need to expel the demons within and contain them in an art form. We use this inner turmoil as a starting place, and try to make it into something beautiful. It’s painful and sometimes disgusting, but it’s also therapeutic.”

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