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Riff Police! Pull Over! #88: Deftones Vs Sleepwraith!

Multi-instrumentalist Seedy Mitchell and drummer Ryan Biggs partnership in Edmonton Canada’s Sleepwraith has born fruit with the brilliant “Day Terrors“. An album which sees them blend a number of styles into a melting pot of darkness shrouded in Death Metal. Add to that the story telling style of Mitchell, who often creates a dark tale

Review: “Day Terrors” by Sleepwraith

Incubated over the course of 20 years, the partnership of Seedy Mitchell and Ryan Biggs is based on a friendship that goes back to before either of them were playing music or even listening to Metal. Now that partnership has developed into a dark and dynamic collaborative undertaking that sees Mitchell bringing material to the

NEWS: Sleepwraith prepare for war with “The Aphelion Complex”!

Back in September, Sleepwraith entered The Physics Lab Studios in Edmonton Canada and with the help of Terry Paholek recorded a video for the opening cut of their upcoming 17th January releasing debut album “Day Terrors“. The track is called “The Aphelion Complex“. We can tell you that i’s a powerhouse record that is as