Riff Police! Pull Over! #88: Deftones Vs Sleepwraith!

Multi-instrumentalist Seedy Mitchell and drummer Ryan Biggs partnership in Edmonton Canada’s Sleepwraith has born fruit with the brilliant “Day Terrors“. An album which sees them blend a number of styles into a melting pot of darkness shrouded in Death Metal. Add to that the story telling style of Mitchell, who often creates a dark tale as if from the Brothers Grimm. On of the albums highlights is “Anamnesis” which borrows from the 2003 album “White Pony” by the highly influential Sacramento California Alternative Metallers Deftones. Their guitarist Stephen Carpenter is probably one of the most underrated there is but his sounds on “Knife Party” are what we heard in “Anamnesis“. The question is, can you? Carpenter’s guitar technique makes use of ringing open strings and dissonant chords having switched from a six to a seven string guitar for the album and Mitchell clearly likes Deftones as much as we do. Who doesn’t?

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