Riff Police! Pull Over! #137: Rammstein Vs Kataklysm!

In 2021 French Canadian Death Metal act Kataklysm will celebrate 30 years together with vocalist Maurizio Iacono and guitarist Jean-Fran├žois Dagenais as the only original members of the quartet, although to be fair, bassist Stephane Barbe has been standing to their left on stage since 1998. Produced by Dagenais “In the Arms of Devastation” is their eight studio record, which won them the “Favourite Metal Artist” award at the Canadian Independent Music Awards when it appeared in 2006 and the band have often cited the Big Four of Thrash alongside the Groove Metal of Pantera, tribalisms of Sepultura and Industrial Metal onslaught of Fear Factory as major influences. A band who they haven’t mentioned however is German Industrialists Rammstein and perhaps they should, for the main riff of “To Reign Again” from “In the Arms of Devastation” has stark similarities to that of “Du Hast” from 1997’s “Sehnsucht“. But don’t take our word for it. Check it out for yourself. Go on. We dare you.

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