Riff Police! Pull Over! #57: Decapitated Vs Gojiria!

“Nihility”, the second album from Polish Technical Death Metallers Decapitated dropped back in 2002 with one of its highlights being single “Spheres of Madness”, although those lucky enough to be in Germany had the opportunity to pick up a digipack version with a cover of “Suffer the Children” by Napalm Death gracing it. Blending the by now considered classic Floridan sound with the equally classical in its own right Stockholm sound created a vibe that blended Death Metal and Grindcore with the brutal rhythm section singled out by many for praise.

You could be forgiven for thinking that you’d heard some of this work before however. Translated from the Latin “Unknown Land”, the debut album from French Technical Death Metallers Gojiria features on its cover guitarist Christian Andreu and is entitled “Terra Incognita”. Appearing 12 months earlier it features the impressive “Lizard Skin”. Influenced? Well they’re in the same genre at the same time but it sounds more like a subliminal verses thing…

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