Review: “This Is Called Survival” EP by Pressure Cracks

The success of Fever 333 in Jason Aalon Butler’s post letlive World and with some commentators comparing their vibe to Rage Against The Machine, you might have thought that his other project Pressure Cracks might have fallen by the way side. But no this second supergroup of sorts, with Werewolf Congress guitarists Dan Bieranowski (The Mistake, ex-Scars Of Tomorrow) and Kevin Fifield (ex-Scars Of TomorrowGone Without Trace) alongside bassist Ryan Doria (All Or Nothing HCOld Rivals) and Bill Galvin on drums are back with a sophomore EP to follow up their May 2018 self titled release. First single “Ready For You” was an early December air raid warning of what was to come…

A ball of furious energy hits you full in the face with “Like Father Like None“, a track with the pace of an Everytime I Die track. Butler spits venom against the US Criminal Justice system with static samples interweaved into the track fuelling the fire. Sonically it’s heavier and harder hitting than most of Fever 333’s material and a suitable follow up to the bands debut EP. “Ready For You” continues the follow with a similarly fast and aggresive Hardcore track and as it unfolds the schizophrenic rants of Butler are very much reminiscent of Keith Buckley, the point of difference being the lyrical content. While Buckley has a poetic charm and randomness that raises a smile, Butler engages is full on rant mode and exorcises his thoughts until he’s got nothing left in the tank. Just as hard hitting “Shhh” increases the energy with a tempo shift up that gives Galvin the opportunity to flex his muscles. The drum sound is nothing short of phenomenal on this EP and while the guitar work is strictly riff and breakdown with squeals, the clean crisp driving force is usually found at the back of the stage. Blasting though like a tornado “Big T Youth” ends things on an adrenaline fueled high with socially and politically aware lyrics that are the obvious comparison with RATM and they’re on point. “Heaven might be suitable, but hell on Earth is beautiful” is the catchy final chant and we’re left with questions – will Pressure Cracks be able to tour this seriously impressive EP? Will we have to wait for the next round of Fever 333 material for any more from Pressure Cracks? Will Butler be able to commit the time to be able to get a full length album from this project? [8.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Like Father Like None
  2. Ready For You
  3. Shhh
  4. Big T Youth

This Is Called Survival” by Pressure Cracks is out now via War Against Records

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