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Review: “…As One” by Rot

Hailing from the Twin Cities and including in their ranks both current and former members of Nanashi, Swing Low, While God Sleeps, Mithya, SLNCR and War Prayer are Metallic Hardcore quintet Rot. Hot on the heels of 2019 EP “Nothing’s Changed”, the band once again worked with Southern California based label War Against Records (Pressure Cracks,

NEWS: Rot want to test your “Spirit”!

A couple of days back, Twin Cities Metallic Hardcore quintet Rot dropped the first single from their upcoming debut album and follow up to 2019 EP “Nothing’s Changed“. The album, entitled “…As One” drops via War Against Records on 4th September with “Spirit” being the cut of choice and pre-orders being available here. It’s a

Review: “This Is Called Survival” EP by Pressure Cracks

The success of Fever 333 in Jason Aalon Butler’s post letlive World and with some commentators comparing their vibe to Rage Against The Machine, you might have thought that his other project Pressure Cracks might have fallen by the way side. But no this second supergroup of sorts, with Werewolf Congress guitarists Dan Bieranowski (The Mistake, ex-Scars Of

Review: “Nothing’s Changed” EP by Rot

One that we missed from back in January, “Nothing’s Changed” is a 2 track release from Rot, a Hardcore band from Twin Cities Minnesota. The quartet consist of vocalist Arrold Walton, drummer Alex Wells, bassist Jake Watson and guitarist Michael FritzKapps. Kicking things off with some Jack Hammer kit work and vocal ferociousness, the socially

Review: “Self-Titled” EP by Pressure Cracks

So for those not in the know, Pressure Cracks are the second post-Letlive. project from frontman Jason Aalon Butler following The Fever 333. As with The later, this new band are a supergroup of sorts, with Werewolf Congress guitarists Dan Bieranowski (The Mistake, ex-Scars Of Tomorrow) and Kevin Fifield (ex-Scars Of Tomorrow, Gone Without Trace) alongside bassist Ryan