Review: “Nothing’s Changed” EP by Rot

One that we missed from back in January, “Nothing’s Changed” is a 2 track release from Rot, a Hardcore band from Twin Cities Minnesota. The quartet consist of vocalist Arrold Walton, drummer Alex Wells, bassist Jake Watson and guitarist Michael FritzKapps.

Kicking things off with some Jack Hammer kit work and vocal ferociousness, the socially aware “Nothing’s Changed” questions why nothing has changed despite all the promises. Equality despite our differences isn’t something that’s forthcoming. Bassist Jake Watson adds a second vocal layer with a higher pitched tone underneath some Stick To Your Guns inspired sounds that are highly impressive. It’s classic Hardcore Punk and it’s done to perfection. “Coming to Terms” takes the heavier bass tones and let’s them do the leg work during the opening verse as Walton barks about pushing away the negativity, refusing to be a slave to destiny and changing himself for the better. The use of sampling is spot on but it’s the musicianship that wins the day. Not because it’s technically impressive, but because it’s simple and effective done to perfection. For the second time in a few days it’s time for that Oliver Twist moment. “Please Sir, Can We have some more?” [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Nothing’s Changed
  2. Coming to Terms

“Nothing’s Changed” is out now via War Against Records

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