Review: “Neurosis” by Ricin

Taking their name from a poison found naturally occurring in castor beans and obtained from the pressed seeds of the castor oil plant, the effects of Ricin can be devastating. Inhaled, Ricin causes fever, chest tightening, a cough and severe respiratory problems, including fluid buildup in the lungs. Ingested, it causes intestinal bleeding and organ damage. The poison can kill within three days of exposure. Even a small amount of ricin may be fatal. So a cool name for your band with an edgy vibe. Hailing from Mission in Texas, Gabe Guana (Vocals), Felipe “Flip” Perez (Drums), Joe Adem (Guitar), Josh Lopez (Guitar) and Ryan Alaniz (Bass) cut Downtempo with Beatdown and Groove Metal. But they’re not a new band. Their single “Red Crown” originally popped in 2015, while this long awaited EP finally appeared in June 2020, recorded, mixed and mastered by Lopez himself…

…Instrumental opening cut “Alert” is the warning of something wicked coming this way, a Kraken rising from the depths of an underwater trench to crush all it it’s path. Low and slow, it cuts the groove that all less than athletic two steppers require to show what they’re made of. “Red Crown” may not be a new song but it is still as relevant today as it was when it first dropped. Ricin cross from heavy end Metallic Hardcore to Deathcore and back again effortlessly with Guana demonstrating some serious vocal range, changing up in devastating fashion. There are even a couple of Slam vocal moments thrown in for good measure, which may wind up making this band a gateway for heavier bands for some fans. A single verse title track of 69 seconds, “Neurosis” is a stomp laden rant with staccato riffs and that quickly makes way for the battery acid nausea inducing churn of the opening salvo of “Not The First Time“. Tempo shifting like a snake on Sahara desert sands, the false ending before the bring back is well executed play. A couple of KoRn isms are buried within the loop of the riffs, partly down to the choice of guitar tone and bass sound and in “Don’t Belong“, a cut with pummelling rhythmic groove and soaked in Nu-Metal introspective rantings, it’s apparent more than most. Rap screams galore from Guana tell a tale of insanity slowly taking hold, rocking back and forth, while some haunting, eerie touches only serve to increase the dramatic effect [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Alert
  2. Red Crown
  3. Neurosis
  4. Not The First Time
  5. Don’t Belong

Neurosis” by Ricin is out now

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