Review: “Self Titled” EP by Hilltops Are For Dreamers

Hilltops Are For Dreamers are an ambitious seemingly two man project that took shape and form in London around 2018. We say two man – their debut as self titled EP sees duo Vas P. (Guitars, Vocals) and Dionysus M. (Bass, Vocals, Drums) are joined by XYears vocalist Mike B as a guest while they look to flesh out to a full band for live shows. Their goal is to create influential and well played music following the vision of a -no-boundaries-physical or not-world where people connect with their sounds of existence. Citing Post Hardcore influences from the likes of Thrice and Alexisonfire, while combining elements from both Blues and Metal, they look to deliver a positive message with heavy attitude. The EP itself was recorded by the band with pre-produced by Vas P, engineered by George K and Mixing & Mastering by Steve Lado.

As you might expect given the stated influences, “Show Me The Path” has a rich Post-Hardcore infused Metalcore lead riff while all three vocalists take turns to deliver lines in different styles. There are some blisteringly heavy moments with some savage uncleans while on balance and contrast there are some jazzy moments and some bright cleans with the addictive “Be a lighthouse in the storm and show me the path” being a sing-a-long moment. If the opening cut had a slick contrast of styles, “Morning Without Dawn” is just a much of a roller coaster ride with Killswitch Engage esq moments of flare on one side and bluesy mid song guitar part that is the light to the shade if you will. It has a traditional old school Metalcore heart and that flies into “Even If I Sin” without pausing for breath. A full on headbanger of a track with a powerhouse kit performance and a slick lead part, there is little space for a clean vocal line in the frenetic pacing. Slowing things down in the last third for another jazz inspired bluesy instrumental part on paper shouldn’t work but is of such quality and seamlessly joined that it flows in wonderfully and sets up “Fighting For Their Souls” perfectly.

Bright and uplifting Post-Hardcore lead riffs which have that Alexisonfire edge to them brings in “Fighting For Their Souls” which has greater vocal contrast with more clean vocals which suit the lyrics better and help get the message across. The quality of the recording itself is fantastic and the mixing and mastering job is done incredibly well, so while the whole EP is a self release, it sounds as good as any signed band you might come across. “You Are Not Alone” has that anthemic quality and early Metalcore gallop with faints at “End Of Heartache” era Killswitch Engage and a simple and effective message. When you’re struggling, just remember, you’re not alone [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Show Me The Path
  2. Morning Without Dawn
  3. Even If I Sin
  4. Fighting For Their Souls
  5. You Are Not Alone

Self Titled” EP by Hilltops Are For Dreamers¬†is out now and available over at bandcamp

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