Throwback: “This Darkened Heart” by All That Remains

If my name were Bobby, would ask me what is my hobby? Or if my name were Judice, would you ask me what my mood is? I laugh, I cry, I love, I hate, I do so much more than detonate.

We love to hate and if there is one figure of fun that people like to point at, it’s vocalist Philip Labonte of All That Remains. Truth is, he might be controversial, but he has saved the day for a number of bands tours, filling in for Howard Jones in Killswitch Engage as a prime example, when he was unable to meet the bands commitments. He’s also seen his fair share of tragedy as well with all that still surrounds the death of guitarist Oli Herbert to say the least, but he’s always had the rage to overcome. We’ll be brutally honest and say we’ve never been the biggest fans of the Springfield Massachusetts act who formed in the wake of Labonte’s departure from the much loved Shadows FallĀ save for one album. That would be 2004’s “This Darkened Heart“, a stand out album from the beginnings of the Metalcore era.


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