NEWS: Omniarch already working on new material!

8th May 2020 (tomorrow) will see the self titled debut long player from Edmonton Progressive Death Metallers Omniarch land like the meteorite in Deep Impact. A unique journey through history, mythology, imagination, introspection and reflection, each of the five seasoned musicians that bring an eclectic set of skills to the band. But it seems like that isn’t enough for these Gentlemen. They’re already working on not one, but two EPs…

…Omniarch comment: “Most of the tracks were loosely arranged by our guitarist Mason, before Omniarch’s inception. Morgan, our second guitarist, learned the songs over time, and added, changed, and fleshed out parts. We brought the more complete versions of the songs to the full band, and everything took off quickly. Our debut album is our full, headlining set, and plays great in the track listing order of the release. We are already working on an EP of all 7 string songs to follow, as well as working on another EP more indicative of our current sound/tuning. We released what we had up until now, and pride ourselves on our fecundity as a band. We have plenty of music coming down the pipe”

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