NEWS: Voices Of Ruin debut “Reach Toward The Sky”!

Produced by Machine Head and Once Human guitarist Logan Mader (Gojira, Septicflesh), “Path To Immortality”, the third studio album from Melodic Death Metallers Voices Of Ruin, which features cover artwork by Par Olofsson (Exodus, Immortal, Revocation) will be released tomorrow, 15th May. To celebrate, the band are now streaming “Reach Toward The Sky“, with “Carved Out“, “The Undoing” and “I Am God” already out in the woods.


Says vocalist David Barrett, “We wanted to release a song that shows how dynamic ‘Path To Immortality’ really is. ‘Reach Toward The Sky’ is one of its longer songs, and it has a few different tempos and melodies while holding to some heavy riffs and blasting drums. In this world, many people are forced into a religion, and in some places incarcerated or killed for lack of or different beliefs. This song explains the fact that no god can save you from this vicious world and that all will die eventually. You can reach toward the sky to your god until there is nothing left to reach for. There are plenty of surprises left on the album that will have you listening to it on repeat. It is an adventure if you play it from start to finish, and it almost feels like an epic novel. For now, enjoy this single, and get ready for May 15th!

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