Documentary: Dyatlove Recording At Rain City Recorders!

If you haven’t had the chance to check out the self titled debut EP from Vancouver Canada’s Dyatlove then its morose Heavy Sludge overtones, recorded at Rain City Recorders with Matt Roach in just a few days are well worth your time. They shot this short and sweet making of video documenting the recording.

Guitarist Rikki Jennings-Buford comments: “We are so stoked to have this EP finally out. This is 2 years of our lives put into 4 songs with a treat coming soon! We feel like this is just the beginning of what we have to give and aren’t taking any time before jumping right back into it and writing more songs for you all to enjoy. We hope these 4 songs give you a good representation of our inspirations and where we could go musically, I would love to name a couple of bands right off the top of my head as far as who we sound like but I’m just not sure who they would be… and personally I feel like that is to our benefit! We feel like this EP is a good starting point for who we are as a band… right now. As life changes so do we as musicians and I’m sure we will have some left turns for you all!”

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