NEWS: Draemora feel guilt over awakening?

Seasoned professional musicians Draemora are preparing to release their debut EP “Awakening” on 26th June via Ultra Nast Records. The Seattle based quartet who feature former members of Odyssian and Jesus Wears Armani have got a love for Strapping Young Lad, Gojira and Whitechapel and have created something very powerful and intense.

Vocalist and guitarist Terry Jenkins notes his personal attachments to the lyrics he writes: “The lyrics come right out of the pages of my life, the things I went through, and how I got through them. Music is a huge outlet for me to dump the good times, bad times, and everything else in between. The majority of the lyrics are a culmination of direct excerpts from letters, poems, and life experiences from the period between May 2018 and August 2019. It was a very intense time in my life.”

The band also comment: “The lyrics are loosely about how hard we all struggle to keep up appearances to people we are friends and acquaintances with while we are churning inside from fear that if we were to tell them what we really felt, or how we viewed sociological constructs and political stances that they would discard us as a friend. Feeling like your wrong is a common feeling in society these days.  Social media is great as it has in some ways kept us all closer to each other, but in a lot of ways, it has destroyed some of our ability to tolerate our fellow humans on the earth that may not agree with us, as we can just delete them and block their opinion quite literally from our life. The message of the song is that you should not feel guilty for disagreeing with another person, just make sure you aren’t perpetuating your own pain by being intolerant of other’s views as well.”

This EP lyrically is all about battles with drugs and alcohol and the long journey out of that hell.  I feel that it will connect with anyone who has ever had mental problems, family problems, or experienced relationships falling apart. I didn’t want to come across as disingenuous, or contrived and wrote about things that I really went through and put my life and my problems out there for anyone to interact with as they wish. I think this recording is intense and beautiful.  It’s angry and sad and uplifting and I think is a reflection of a human living in modern-day society” says Jenkins.

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