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NEWS: Draemora unveil Deftones cover!

…while working on their debut full length record, Seattle Washington Progressive Death Metallers Draemora have unveiled a cover of “Minerva” by Deftones. The track has appeared in the ripples in the mill pond behind their debut EP “Awakening” which surfaced in June via Ultra Nast Records… When asked why they chose this Deftones track to cover, Draemora guitarist

Review: “Awakening” by Draemora

Terry Jenkins (vocals/guitar) formed Progressive Death Metal act Draemora in November 2019 in the Seattle, Washington after exiting stage left from his previous band Odyssian. In a reflective mood and seeing it as an opportunity to try something different, he wrote a handful of songs with lyrics and demoed them out in his own home.

Playthrough: “Legion Of Scum” from Draemora!

Seattle Washington Progressive Death Metallers Draemora have their debut EP “Awakening” out on 26th June via Ultra Nast Records and guitarist Terry Jenkins has recorded a guitar playthrough video for one of the EPs stand out tracks “Legion Of Scum“, ripping away with a Fender Telecaster loaded with a single EMG 57 pickup.

Playthrough: “Guilt” from Draemora on Gear Gods!

26th June is going to see the debut EP from Seattle Progressive Death Metallers Draemora (ex-Odyssian, ex-Jesus Wears Armani) that goes in deep lyrically, owing much of its narrative to tales of battling with drugs and alcohol. Guitarist Terry Jenkins layed down a playthrough for “Guilt” from that EP for Gear Gods. Guitarist Terry Jenkins

NEWS: Draemora feel guilt over awakening?

Seasoned professional musicians Draemora are preparing to release their debut EP “Awakening” on 26th June via Ultra Nast Records. The Seattle based quartet who feature former members of Odyssian and Jesus Wears Armani have got a love for Strapping Young Lad, Gojira and Whitechapel and have created something very powerful and intense. Vocalist and guitarist Terry