Playthrough: “DÖGMÅ” from IAMTHESHOTGUN!

Billed as “raw and unprocessed due to pandemic“, Maxx Smith of Denver, Colorado Deathcore collective IAMTHESHOTGUN has teamed up with videographers from Altitude Audio to film a playthrough for “DÖGMÅ” from their recent outing “Dominion” while also providing fans with an epic kit list for his rig as used in the video.

Cymbals in this video (from left to right and behind the kit):

  • 20″ Paiste Novo china
  • 14″ Paiste Signature Dark Crisp bottom (on top)
  • 14″ Paiste Rude Sound Edge bottom (paired with the Dark Crisp)
  • 20″ Paiste Rude Ride/Crash
  • 14″ generic mini-china with 13″ Paiste Alpha top hat stacked on top
  • 18″ Paiste 2002 “PsychOctopus” Giga Bell ride
  • 18″ Paiste PST7 china with 13″ Paiste Alpha Sound Edge bottom stacked on top
  • 20″ Paiste 2002 Extreme Crash
  • 14″ Paiste Rude bottom hat (on top)
  • 14″ Paiste 2002 Sound Edge bottom hat
  • 20″ Paiste Rude china


  • Snare: Evans coated Hydraulic / Snare Side 300
  • Toms: Evans Hydraulic batters, Coated G1’s on the resonants (all ported with small KickPorts)
  • Kick: Evans Onyx Emad (muffling removed) batter, Evans Onyx Resonant, double ported with 2x 5″ KickPorts


  • PDP Concept Maple Classic (toms and kick)
  • 13×8 rack tom (on snare stand to the left)
  • 16×16 floor tom (on the right)
  • 18×16 floor tom (on the right)
  • 24×14 kick drum (ported, with a small pillow inside)


  • PDP Concept Maple 14×8 20-ply maple / walnut with matching hoops


  • Tama Speed Cobra 910, fitted with Trick driveshaft
  • Trick DeadBlow beaters


  • FishSticks Annihilator 2B wood tip


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