Review: “Principle of Light Speed Invariance” by Violent Magic Orchestra

Hailing from Osaka Japan are Violent Magic Orchestra, a community based project primarily consisting of members of Vampillia, fronted by female vocalist Zastar and Kezzardrix with former members Pete Swanson (ex-Yellow Swans) and Extreme Precautions (Mondkopf) as well as guests, who on debut album “Catastrophic Anonymous” included Chip King (The body), and Attila Csihar (SUNNO))),  Mayhem and Sinsaenum). They are an art music project where techno, black metal, industrial and noise come together in a whirlwind of Angst fueled rage that ravaged audiences at festivals such as Roadburn Festival, BANGFACE, Brutal Assault, Incubate festival, and Le Guess Who? Leaving innocent bystanders devastated at countless venues throughout Europe and Asia.

A new three track offering “Principle of Light Speed Invariance” sees Violent Magic Orchestra conjoin the World’s of Apex Twin and Mad Capsule Markets with the kind of ambient electronics that you might find buried in a Progressive Metal track at the forefront of “You Are Hate“. The vocals are the buried screams of a violent assault while the guitars are nothing more than an abrasive atmosphere building implement of sonic destruction. “Massive Aggressive” takes gabber beats and applies them to something Vein might use as an intro for one of their Hardcore cuts while continuing the vocal destruction in a short sharp shock of a track. Picking up where “You Are Hate” left off, “New World Ballad” is an achingly beautiful piano part against a backdrop of abrasive and at times primative techno beats, a piece of ambient chill out music with the contrasting banshee roar puncturing through it like a lighting strike during a storm. It has a shoe gazing quality while also being something you could picture against a backdrop of violence in the latest John Wick movie [7/10]

Track listing

  1. You are hate
  2. Massive Aggressive
  3. New world ballad

Principle of Light Speed Invariance” by Violent Magic Orchestra is out now and available over at bandcamp

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