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NEWS: Mayhem celebrate “Black Glass Communion”!

Last month, MAYHEM released a new EP “Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando”, which showcases the bands hardcore punk influences with a quartet of covers alongside a trio of cuts left from the sessions for 2019 album “Daemon”. Now the most fearsome Black Metal band has teamed up with renowned filmmaker Zev Deans to create a

Review: “Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando” by Mayhem

“When we recorded the drums for ‘Daemon’, we suddenly had 3-4 days extra studio time,Hellhammer recorded his stuff faster than we had planned, so we picked out a bunch of covers to record, just to have something for later use. It turns out that we made the right move, as we didn’t want to start

NEWS: Mayhem have an “Everlasting Dying Flame”?

9th July will see Century Media unveil an EP from Norwegian Black Metal pioneers Mayhem that showcases not only a holy trinity of cuts culled from their 2019 album “Dameon” but also paying tribute to a quartet of 80s Punk influences. That is done with covers of tracks by Discharge, Ramones, Dead Kennedys and Rudimentary

Interview: Mayhem: “An Everlasting Flame #2”!

The second part of an interview series that sees Mayhem talk about their Black Metal renditions of four Punk classics which appear on their forthcoming EP has surfaced. This time out Maniac and Billy Messiah talk about “Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando” which will be unleashed to the four winds on 9th July via Century

Interview: Mayhem: “An Everlasting Flame #1”!

When Mayhem announced a trio of leftover tracks from their last album would be accompanied by a quartet of Punk covers for release during a Global Pandemic, we raised a eyebrow and had may questions. Fortunately the Norwegian Black Metal masters have chosen to answer them but dropping an interview series. “Atavistic Black Disorder /

NEWS: Mayhem premier “Voces Ab Alta” with video from Costin Chioreanu!

with covers of songs by Discharge, Dead Kennedys and Ramones alongside a trio of original previously unreleased cuts, the upcoming EP “Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando” from Black Metal legends Mayhem looks to be a tantalising offering. One of those previously unreleased tracks called “Voces Ab Alta“, recorded during the “Daemon” sessions, has been given

NEWS: Mayhem ask “Do I feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?”

The infamous Mayhem are set to return this year with an EP called “Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando” that will be released via Century Media on 9th July. Joined by Eirik Norheim aka Billy Cockroach of Messiah fame for a pair of cuts, the EP comprises three from the “Daemon” sessions alongside four punk covers

Review: “Death Comes Supreme” by Affliction Vector

Conceived as an introspective exploration by multi instrumentalist Ans in 2018 after the dissolution of Ooze and his separation from Grime, he decided to embrace a solo works, forging a path through his own inner demons, choosing isolation and his dissolving mental health as a fuel for his creative flame and following a dark path

Review: Self Titled by BRZASK

Hailing from very heart of the Sudeten mountains and taking influence and inspiration from Sudetian folklore, the cult of “Rubezahl” and Sudetian legends are Polish Blackened Death Metal quintet BRZASK. Mixing and mastering of their self titled EP was done by Andrzej Jagielski, who recorded it with the band; Toer (Vocals), Dod (Guitar), Hoggorm (Guitar), Darlig