Review: “Self Titled” by Ossario

Hailing from Sicily Italy, Ossario are a putrid Black Metal trio who have hints of Blackened Thrash on their sound and have a wealth of experience. Between them, vocalist Krost Von Barbarie, guitarist Schizoid and drummer Anamnesi are members and former members of Dawn of a Dark Age, Grind Zero, Losa, Malauriu, Deathtopia, Progenie Terrestre Pura, Simulacro, Ancient, Accabbadora, Cold Empire, Vultur, Absentia Lunae, Urlo Nero, Spasticus, Nahabat and Eraser. That’s 18 bands, not including a project which Anamnesi has named after himself and why not? Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop…

… “Ossario” translates as “War Memorial (with burial place” which is an apt title for the music that the trio create. “We’re All Born To Die” starts with a black and white film sample about the death penalty before leaping headlong into high temp raw Black Metal riffs at breakneck speed. It’s violent and abrasive, while sounding tinny thanks to a guitar tone that has no bottom end. That choice gives the raw demo recorded in a basement feel to the EP, but make no mistake as the mixing and mastering is perfect for the sound. “Millennial Fears” shows off some Death Metal influences with mid paced blast beats, minor chord progressions and some pause break moments that build atmosphere. “Torment Sweet Torment” kicks up some dust with a Thrashed up opening before double kick jackhammer footwork from Anamnesi allow for some arpeggios and speed riffs to take over. The track plays out like a car chase through a Nordic winter wasteland with the bleak lyrics and by the seat of the pants speed of the material threatening to derail at several points but somehow managing to stay on the road. The gore of the lyrics in “Rigor Mortis Boner (Necromance)” has a Pizza Thrash vibe to it that you might not expect, that kind of comic book fun aspect that is common place in that sub-genre but is alien to the Black Metal World. It works really well in this context, with a slick swagger, despite the purposefully raw sound. As debut EPs go, this is one that sets the scene for what this trio can do and promises much more to come [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. We’re All Born To Die
  2. Millennial Fears
  3. Torment Sweet Torment
  4. Rigor Mortis Boner (Necromance)

Self Titled” by Ossario is out now and available over at bandcamp

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