The Black Map #111: Ligature from Warrington!

Heading from London to Warrington for this week’s entry in upon our Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene, it’s time to cut open the belly of the beast and let the Jelly beans spill out of Ligature. No one paid attention in Geography at school, it was more about rocks and s*** than it was about where things are, so for those not in the geographical [long word, credit where credit is due ~ Ed.] know, Warrington is in Cheshire, famed for cats with huge grins and equidistant from it are Liverpool and Manchester. Which is funny really because Ligature, comprised of vocalist Jack Lamb, bassist Perry Brockley, drummer Chris Mitchell and axe welding duo Dan James and Sean McKay are arguably equal parts Beatdown and Slam. They like to create something pure, no bull, straight to the point, violent music for people who like the finer things in life. So if you like the sound of “Kill Or Be Killed“, you can check out their EP over at bandcamp.

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