NEWS: Cryosphere share second single “I Am Become Death”!

The second in the lyric video series for the upcoming “Constellations” EP from Cryopshere has landed in the form of “I Am Become Death“. That follows last weeks release of one for “Into Decay” with the release date yet to be carved in stone.

The band comment: “We had an idea a long time ago, to make a lyric video with silhouettes, and we actually filmed it, but due to lack of the right equipment, like a greenscreen, it was difficult to reach the result that we wanted, so we scrapped the video. But due to our amazing fans, we were able to get the equipment we needed to make the video. Thus we decided to make an album stream in a lyric video format, which this video is from. We will be releasing a video for all of the songs from the EP one by one, and the full EP stream will also be available.

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