NEWS: Draemora trapped at home?

Telling the tales of the darker side of consumption, Gavin Hunt and Layla Bleu star in this music video for the song “Home” by Seattle Progressive Death Metallers Draemora. It’s one which appears on their debut EP “Awakening” featuring and is based on the life and times of vocalist and guitarist Terry Jenkins.

Terry Jenkins comments:“The video is meant to capture the day in the life of a drug addict or. alcoholic. Take the video how you want, but to me, it’s just a depiction of the brutal loneliness of addiction, and the damage it can do.”

Elaborating on the story behind the writing of “Awakening” he goes on to say: “It’s intense and beautiful.  It’s angry, sad, and uplifting and I think it is a reflection of a human living in modern-day society.  The majority of the lyrics are a culmination of direct excerpts from letters, poems, and life experiences from the period between May 2018 and August 2019.  It was a very intense time in my life.  A relationship I had been in for 10 years was falling apart due to my addiction problems and I had just got sober at the end of April 2018. Being sober after being intoxicated and high for 16 years was like living in a different world all together.  I had to finally face all of the things I had put off for a very long time and it was like I was learning how to do everything in my life all over again.  I used lyrics and music to channel a lot of those feelings and get it out.  When I was in the beginning, I relied on listening to a few specific metal albums to keep me from slipping into the dark, and without those pieces of music, I may not be walking the earth right now.  I was going to keep this stuff to myself but, the realization that I needed to feel like I wasn’t alone by listening to music that spoke candidly about the same things that I was going through almost forced me to share my stories and others stories on this EP with someone else who is going through the same stuff.”

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