NEWS: Saints of Death insist “You Can’t Run”!

Originally starting out as a Motorhead tribute band, Vancouver, BC’s Saints of Death is a four-piece that has taken the reins to write original material with a double bassist attack and set themselves apart from the pack with their uniquely heavy sound of Thrash, Doom and Hardcore metal. Made with footage filmed during their Canadian Invasion Tour across Mexico in November 2018, they are sharing their new music video “You Can’t Run” in support of their upcoming album “Ascend To The Throne” due out 10th July Head Rattle Productions. It follows a lyric video for the title track which was released a couple of weeks ago and moves forward from their 2015 self-titled EP with a ferocious groove metal sound.

They quote about the new lineup: “This album has been a long time coming, and we cannot wait to get it into the ears of our fans. Our current line up has been together since 2018 and we have really gelled as friends and as band members. Naturally, with this kind of chemistry going on, it was finally time to record a new album.”

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