NEWS: Soulwound announce “The Suffering” with “Pleasures”!

Finnish Extreme Metallers Soulwound are set to release their third studio album ‘The Suffering‘ via Inverse Records on 11th September 2020. A new single and music video for ‘Pleasures‘ has been dropped in techincolor 4K today with the 10 track affair following 2013’s “Seeing Red” and 2016’s “No Peace“. You can pre-order that one here.

Drummer Janne Huusari comments: “Whereas the first single Waste of Life was a fast and intensive beatdown, Pleasures serves as a counterbalance to that and represents the slower and heavier side of the album. Mikko wrote and demoed an almost complete song, which we hammered and refined together into its final form. The working title “Pantura” indicates what the starting point was, but with its weird guitar harmonies, the final song ended up sounding like something else altogether. The lyrics deal with humanity’s most unsavory of pleasures and how the dark side of the internet enables even the sickest of sick fucks to quickly and easily access and share whatever it is that makes them tick. The video is based on the same premise: monsters are not hiding under your bed, but walking among us and staring at you in the mirror.

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