NEWS: WoR hail the Kings…

7th August is going to finally see the wait over for Raleigh, North Carolina based Groove Metallers WoR. Their debut album “Prisoners” has been one in the stockpile of shelved ones that have had their release date put back for obvious reasons. Back at the end of February they released a music video for “VI Kings” that followed up “Predators” as the second promotional single for the album and so, without further ado, here’s a reminder of what you’ll be in for if you check it out on the date.


The band comment: “We are positive that our first album will be received well by fans. Every song is unique with regard to its sound and arrangement. Some songs are straight-up brutal while others present with an extreme sense of groove or even melody. There is furthermore a lot of raw emotion and anger that is captured very well on our record. For this reason, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy.”

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