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Bootleg: “Sirens” from WoR!

As bassist Phil Funderburk celebrates the first anniversary of being endorsed by Solar guitars WoR have shared the third and final part of their Asheville Sessions in “Sirens“. The sessions saw the band head out to the Appalachian Mountains to jam in a log cabin to being new drummer Dylan Jenkins up to speed so

Bootleg: “Caged” from WoR!

Bedding in a new musician and getting them up to speed for live performances of existing material and getting that dynamic right is never easy. So with that in mind, North Carolina Groove Metal warriors WoR entered a hunting cabin in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains in Asheville, NC to rehearse their set with

NEWS: WoR announce “The Asheville Sessions”!

North Carolina Groove Metallers WoR announced this past June that they recruited new drummer in Dylan Jenkins after parting ways with Hunter Crews and with festival and tour dates booked with Battlecross and The Convalescence, the band entered a hunting cabin in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains in Asheville to rehearse in splendid isolation.

NEWS: WoR showcase new drummer ahead of Festivals!

Following a year of  postponed tours and the hardships of living through a global pandemic, North Carolina Groove Metal warriors WoR have announced that they had parted ways with drummer Hunter Crews. He featured on WoR’s debut record “Prisoners” released in 2020 via Universal imprint label Bungalo Records. Having rehearsed with the band since late

NEWS: WoR return from the cage!

Unleashing their debut album “Prisoners” earlier this month, WoR are sharing their next music video“Caged” directed by Justin Beasley with their music focusing on various current events. The theme of the debut full length speaks to the idea that people are prisoners in a system that is failing them with the song specifically engaging on this

Review: “Prisoners” by WoR

Founded in 2018 by guitarist Ben Kaiser who at the time was finishing up his college football career playing offensive line at NC State, WoR was initially an escape from the rigors of the sport. By Spring 2019 they had shared stages up and down the South East of the US with played with the

NEWS: WoR hail the Kings…

7th August is going to finally see the wait over for Raleigh, North Carolina based Groove Metallers WoR. Their debut album “Prisoners” has been one in the stockpile of shelved ones that have had their release date put back for obvious reasons. Back at the end of February they released a music video for “VI Kings” that

NEWS: WoR set “Prisoners” release date!

It must be a challenge when your band are sat on a record for months or even years on end waiting for it to see the light of day. There are so many reasons for those delays as well, label wranglings, issues with the mix not being as you wanted, the inability to print physical