NEWS: WoR set “Prisoners” release date!

It must be a challenge when your band are sat on a record for months or even years on end waiting for it to see the light of day. There are so many reasons for those delays as well, label wranglings, issues with the mix not being as you wanted, the inability to print physical media due to lockdown. But finally one record that has been in the works for a while will see release on 7th August. That is “Prisoners” from North Carolina Groove Metal outfit WoR. Originally slated for 3rd April and with a couple of tracks including “Predator” out there, this is one to look forward to.

The band comment: “This album has been in the works for several years and we finally get to show you what we have been working on nonstop for the last year. From front to back, this album is meant to take you on a heavy metal journey. It features groovy tracks such as Predator, brutal songs such as Caged, and melodic anthems such as VI Kings. While the songs are groovy and meant to give your neck whiplash, the lyrics are deep and thought out. The messages behind these songs are ones of resilience and overcoming. If you enjoy heavy riffs, melodic overtones, and just straight-up angry and in your face METAL, this album is for you!”

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