NEWS: Dead Serenity premier “Evanecent”!

While we await an official release date and track listing from those lovely people over at Inverse Records, it very much looks like a second single from the promised early 2023 “When Worlds Turn To Gray” debut album from Finnish melancholic Melodic Death Metal band Dead Serenity has appeared. The song is titled “Evanecent” and is said to draw inspiration from the presence of Death and the disintegration of close relationships, as a bittersweet expression of a search for meaning in life from which all light has been drained. Perfect for cold, dark nights when contemplating life, death and lost love.

The quintet formed in 2018 and rose to prominence with their debut EP “Beginnings” in 2020 with lyrics which let the full scale of human emotions and behavior carry the music from an atmosphere to another – from sensibility to ecstasy and from distress to aggression.

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