NEWS: Fernwah get dragged into a black hole?

31st December 2021 is the date that Fernwah who feature in their ranks features Zakk Mild (Oxalate, Come Mierda) and Peter Martin (Black Kites, Bonjour, Holy Death) have set to release their debut album “Approaching Oblivion” and in the current Global climate there couldn’t be a more apt title. Available for pre-order over at bandcamp, the record will be ejected from New Jersey and features guest vocals by Devin Swank of Sanguisugabogg (courtesy of Century Media Records) on “Leaking Out” as they promise to combine elements of Black and Death Metal along with trippy, technical and psychedelic, stoner friendly fuzz with progressive sounds… so here’s the title track so you can work out what that means…

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