Bootleg: “Caged” from WoR!

Bedding in a new musician and getting them up to speed for live performances of existing material and getting that dynamic right is never easy. So with that in mind, North Carolina Groove Metal warriors WoR entered a hunting cabin in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains in Asheville, NC to rehearse their set with new drummer Dylan Jenkins and while doing that recorded some of those moments for later release. First we had “Hiraeth” and now “Caged” from The Asheville Sessions, which at this rate could spawn and EP before the bands next studio material.

The band comments: “During the pandemic, we spent a lot of time behind closed doors working on refining our craft. We worked on old music and wrote a bunch of new music. We decided to film one of these sessions, isolated in a hunting cabin in the Appalachian Mountains, away from the chaos of everyday life. Just the 5 of us jamming”.

Caged was one of our stronger singles from the album “Prisoners” and in the Asheville sessions we revamped it even more. Always a powerful track live, it was a cool experience to perform in it such a unique musical setting” adds the band.

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