Playthrough: “Embodiment of the Divine” from Buried Realm!

Having premiered the title track from his upcoming new record “Embodiment of the Divine” a couple of weeks back, it’s now time for a playthrough. Performed by multi-instrumentalist mastermind Josh Dummer and featuring a guest appearance Benjamin Ellis of Scar Symmetry, it’s a fine example of what to expect from the album which will see the light of day on 24th July. It’s available for pre-order here.

Dummer comments: “After recording the rhythm guitars for the album, I considered re-amping with real amps. The first person that popped into my mind was Keith Merrow. We chatted briefly about the project and the tone I was going for. I’ve always dug that classic 5150 sound and was chasing that for this album. After a shootout between several plugins, I decided the TSE X50 sounded great and convincing, so that’s what I went with it in the end. My other guitar tracks/ effects were recorded with a Line 6 Pod HD. I believe most of the album guests used Axe FX.”

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