Playthrough: “Eyes Wide Shut” from Novelists!

Mr. Tango has, uh, spoken very eloquently. I wish I could be as forgiving. But I can’t, because… this whole thing… f***ing sucks! I mean, this is the biggest pile of s*** I’ve ever..” ~ Kurt Russell, Tango & Cash

Our resistance to calling Novelists by their new legally imposed moniker Novelists FR remains firmly intact as frankly, Kurt Russell said it best. Anyway, it’s going to be really interesting to see and hear the French DJentlemen playing their older songs live with new vocalist and former  Alazka frontman Tobias Rische. In the meantime, Guitarist Florestan Durand has returned to single “Eyes Wide Shut” for a guitar playthrough video with the help of the Gojira Neural DSP Archetype plugins and it sounds immense.

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