Review: “Oracle’s Fury” by VokodloK

It’s been 17 years since the last release from Timișoara, Romanian Black Metal duo UrmuZ (vocals) and GhiauR (guitars) under the moniker VokodloK but with 2000’s “Unchain The Wolf” and 2003’s “Mass Murder Genesis” they left a last impression on us so this new offering entitled “Oracle’s Fury” is something we never thought would see the light of day. It is said to be inspired by the ancient Greek philosophy and the human feelings, with a lyrical story that takes the listener through the primordial aspects of fear and faith, while the fact that a band who haven’t appeared live since 2005 are said to have a full-length album  ready to be recorded and already planned to be released in 2021 beggars belief…

…line up changes are said to be the architecture of the absence but a fresh desire to write and perform has been found from within as GhiauR remains the only original member of the band. UrmuZ joined in 2007 as the bass player but isn’t credited with that for this new resurgence. “The Myths” proves if there was ever any doubt that he has what it takes to be a vocalist, showcasing some throat grating uncleans within the four walls of a track that encompasses a classic Black Metal sound of dark atmospherics of swirling moods and thunderous percussive battery. “Alive” follows that as a triumphant return cut that speaks volumes for where the band are now as musicians, inspired from the dark side of humanity with UrmuZ exposing some apocalyptic thoughts and soul tortures. The melodic drop out to acoustic guitars before rising up as a celebration of Black Metal is an absolute joy, while the closing piano moments in the fade are something you want to hear more of. It’s the one track here on which there is some accenting present in the vocal delivery, but instead of being a distraction, it simply adds to the charm. The first of a trilogy of songs “In The Mind” has creepy, haunting tones of darkness that introduce galloping blast beats and driven riffs as UrmuZ roars “I leave you burn in darkness, I leave you burn in hell!“.

O.f.” isn’t a musical continuation but follows the lyrical narrative in the loosest possible way while having a gloriously aching melody and some throat rippingly brutal vocals (as if you expected anything else). “The Weak” closes the book on the trilogy with a return to the percussive battery and a fine piece of lead work that develops into a solo. The surprise is the cover of “I Build The Symmetry Of Chaos” by Polish Death Metal act Dies Irae which closes out the EP with a track that crosses Black Metal, Thrash and Death Metal into a single offering of blistering crescendo. It’s one that fits well with VokodloK’s overall sound here while also showing they have more in their collective locker than just music steeped in tradition. If “Oracle’s Fury” is anything to go by, the albums is going to be something really special [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. The Myths
  2. Alive
  3. In The Mind
  4. O.f.
  5. The Weak
  6. I Build The Symmetry Of Chaos (Dies Irae cover)

Oracle’s Fury” by VokodloK is out now and available over at bandcamp

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