Review: “The Ultimate Dream. Plan B: Disposal Of Humanity” by Brilliant Coldness

When it comes to long awaited albums arguably there can’t be many more long awaited than this third album from Ukrainian Death Metallers Brilliant Coldness, which has been something like 15 years in the waiting. Originally formed in November 1997 by bassist Oleksandr ‘Mor’ Umurzakov and guitarist Serhii ‘Angel’ Udovenko they were known as Casket & Morgue for a short period before changing their name and inspired by both Death Metal and Grindcore scenes and acts like DeathMorbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse with lyrics full of blasphemy, black sarcasm and brutality. It was however 5 years before their first demo “Messengers of Godness Immortality” in 2002. EP “Beyond Eternity” appeared two years later before being re-released in 2005 with the addition of single “Post-Mortem Reality” before 2006’s “Poisoned Reality” was recorded, however that didn’t officially see release until 2009 via Painkiller Productions. Since then the band have recruited former Jinjer drummer Dimtry Kim and while the lyrics are said to be more philosophical now, they still mention a magic and otherworld interaction with unknown supernatural nature of being.

Tearing through the riffs with the opening cut, a six minute Magnum Opus of a track that has a huge bass sound, it becomes pretty obvious that Brilliant Coldness are so much more than simply a Death Metal outfit with moments that border on the avant-garde as they set fretboards a flame with riffs that require the ultimate in dexterity delivered at breakneck pace. That bass sound gives more diversity to the bands sound and at times it’s as if they’re playing with Les Claypool or Ryan Martinie as it keeps bursting out of the mix like a tornado sweeping through a small town, kicking up dust and throwing roof tiles at your skull with low dirge filled tones that are allowed to bleed through the guitars as they drop out from time to time before changing up. “The Top Of The Perish” brings a real flavour of Pantera with their classic sound of 90’s Groove Metal captured perfectly not only by the guitar tone but also the drum sound as well; the virtuoso lead parts are jaw dropping, the solo that closes “Individual Hell” an absolute peach and there is no doubt that the Abbott brothers would be proud to have something like this in their legacy of influence. Each cut is a pulverising beast packed full of riffs with increasing technicality that echo those heard from others in the genre currently; a wide gamut of tempo shifts and polyrhythms making for something diverse and intriguing; “The Crown Of Darkness” being one that is a real roller coaster ride example as this quintet cross into territories that gods fear to set foot and claim it for their own.

There are times when Brilliant Coldness stretch themselves physically to their limits, pushing what they are capable of playing both individually and as a collective that take the breath away with a real strive to out perform themselves. The result of that is that this record is in part at least a musicians record; something contemporaries and peers will look upon and smile with that insider knowledge of what it takes to be able to hone the skills it has taken to create this sound. We’d go as far as calling that Avant Garde Technical Death Metal while the band themselves choose Academic Death Metal and there are absolutely no limits to where the band go here, there are old school 80’s Hair Metal licks that surface momentarily to give you an idea as to what might lay beneath on a couple of these cuts. “Phantasm” is a huge stand out, the guttural lows of the vocals piercing the veil of vibrant guitar work that astonishes with an almost magnetic flow and a kinetic energy about it with a relentless drive. From Ukraine Brilliant Coldness have marched forward to lay down the gauntlet for bands like Revocation, Azusa and Imperial Triumphant with over an hour of blistering material, so not only has this album been worth the wait; it’s worth its weight in Gold, that’s how good it is and if they want to be, Brilliant Coldness could be an unstoppable force [8.5/10]

Track listing

1. The Ultimate Dream pt. 1
2. The Moment Of Resistance
3. The Top Of The Perish
4. Individual Hell
5. The Crown Of Darkness
6. The Symphony Of The Running Away Life (Instrumental)
7. Technogenic Illusion
8. Phantasm
9. Devilish Misanthropy
10. Chameleon
11. The Ultimate Dream pt. 2

The Ultimate Dream. Plan B: Disposal Of Humanity” by Brilliant Coldness is out 30th July 2021 via Dead Center Productions with pre-orders available over at bandcamp

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