Exclusive Interview: Slit Your Gods talk “Dogmatic Convictions Of Human Decrepitude”!

11th September 2020 saw the debut EP from a brand new project arrive via Comatose Music. “Dogmatic Convictions Of Human Decrepitude” is the title they chose and the moniker Slit Your Gods will be one you’ll be destined to hear for some time to come. The EP is one you can find here, a trio of songs of absolutely relentless death metal devastation, pummeling rhythms, vicious hooks and inhuman vocals which takes Brutal Death Metal to a new level… and this is just the start; so while they’re still fresh and warm we’ve been lucky enough to get an audience with the band to talk about their past, present and future…

Your debut release “Dogmatic Convictions Of Human Decrepitude” has certainly left an impression on us! How has the reaction been to it from those who have heard it so far? Oskar: Thank you for your words, we truly appreciate it. Until now, the response of fans and media to our Ep has been excellent. We hardly can believe that.

How did you get together as a group of like minded musicians for the project? Oskar: All began when Rod (Arthropodal Humanicide, Scrumptious Putrescence, etc.), one of our guitarists, made an advertisement in Facebook looking for members to create a band in the vein of the old Cryptopsy. Inmediately I decided to join this new and interesting proyect (we are brothers, play together in Arthropodal Humanicide and both of us love Cryptopsy, specially the four first albums). Soon Jordy (vocalist of the brutal spawn Avgrunn) and Santi (guitarist and composer of his death metal one man band, Sad Eyes) decided to join us too. The icing on the cake was when Roman (Ineffable Demise, Byonoise Generator, etc.) decided to be part of this incoming monstrosity. Then was the moment I thought ”Well, this is gonna be good, haha”

As each member of Slit Your Gods has many projects of their own, including Byonoisegenerator, Avgrunn, Arthropodal Humanicide, Sad Eyes and Ineffable Demise; how difficult was it to keep Slit Your Gods sounding fresh and different from those other projects? Oskar: I think we could get that result because from the very beginning, we all know what musical and lyrical direction we had to take, and both of them are very different from the rest of our other projects. In none of them was the influence of the old Cryptopsy so clear nor did the lyrics deal with anti-religious themes as we are doing now with Slit Your Gods.

How easy did you find the recording process having band members in both Russia and Spain and how different did that make the outcome compared to what the vision for the music was originally? Oskar: The truth is that it was so much easier than we could expect at first sight, especially having in count that for me it was the first time I recorded my instrument in my own studio. Rod and Santi have much more experience than me recording on their own. Jordy recorded their vocals at Quim Prunés studio and Roman recorded his drum parts at Angelrape studios in Russia. Fortunately for us, Santi has turned out to be an excellent producer and mixer and we cannot be more satisfied with the final result of “Dogmatic Convictions Of Human Decrepitude”. Even though the music is furiously fast, you can hear all the instruments perfectly all the time. I think the sound obtained is undoubtedly one of the strong points of the Ep, and we are very happy with that.

Lyrically the intensity of Jordi Mora matches his vocal power; how important are the blasphemous lyrical themes when it comes to creating the atmosphere for the brutal music? Oskar: Yeahh, Jordy is a terrific beast!! I think the lyrical themes are very important, we have a very clear concept of which we want to create with Slit Your Gods. Speed, brutality, irreligiousness and even musicality aren´t negotiable for us. Definitely, a murky and ghastly atmosphere contributes decisively to reinforce and enrich the conceptuality of the atrocities of religion that we want to capture in our songs.

Although Slit Your Gods is a studio project, is there any ambition to play these songs live? If you were offered the opportunity to play at something like Maryland Death Fest for example, is that something you’d be open to?  Oskar: Except Rod and me, the rest of the band members live in different regions
of Spain and even our drummer Roman, lives in Russia, so it’s difficult. This doesn’t mean that we never could play live. Of course, if the circumstances allowed it, playing live, and nothing more and nothing less than in a festival as important and brutal as the Maryland Death Fest would be a dream come true for us. Yeahh it would be absolute amazing!!!

“Dogmatic Convictions Of Human Decrepitude” is said to be just the start for Slit Your Gods; so what can we look forward to on the next release? Oskar: We hope that people will like our Ep as we have enjoyed composing and recording it, but as you have said, this is only the beginning. Slit Your Gods are working now on a full album. We have composed, let´s say, four or five new songs, but they are not finished yet. We don´t have a name for the new album and I can´t tell you a date of release but we hope that things will go well and we don´t take too long to present the new album. You can expect more brutality and blasphemy to come to your ears haha!! Thank you very much for this interview, it has been a true pleasure. Stay safe and enjoy brutal death metal!

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