NEWS: Curimus set to burn down Eden!

After a six year absence, Finnish Death Thrash group Curimus are set to release their highly anticipated third full length album “Garden of Eden” on 30th October 2020 via Inverse Records. Not only have the band released their first single “Eradication Manifest” and an accompanying music video, but they’ve also stated that a guest vocal appearance from Hell vocalist David Bower will appear on the record. Pre-order bundles are available here.

Bass player Juho Manninen comments: “New material is faster and darker, all wrapped up in an uncompromising soundscape. The themes of the songs revolve around human selfishness, fecklessness and injustice in all its forms. At the end this world is the Garden of Eden, where no one is happy.”

Drummer Jari Nieminen adds: “We’re releasing a bunch of videos during the fall, each by a different director / crew. Some of them are going to be on the cinematic side, so we wanted to get the ball rolling with some good ol´ pure chaos. Eradication Manifest is a two minute outburst of rage, both musically and visually. This one doesn’t slack off a bit.”

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