NEWS: Dead End Finland are “Wounded & Bleeding”!

Finnish Melodic Metal quartet Dead End Finland have released a new single entitled “Wounded & Bleeding“, the first cut from a new recently recorded EP set for an early 2021 release via Inverse Records. The bands previous record “Inter Vivos” may have been released in January 2020 but it was actually recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Killhill & D-Studios between 2017 and 2019 by Jarno Hänninen, so they had plenty of inspiration for the new recording.

Guitarist & Bass player Santtu Rosén comments: “Inter Vivos album, released in the beginning of the year, was supposed to be our only release in 2020. However, after Korona’s mixed schedules, we decided to go to the studio and take the most of it. The song was completed during the summer and we decided to release a new single to bring joy to our listeners. We found something new and fresh again and have to say we are very happy with the result“.

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