Review: “Dogmatic Convictions Of Human Decrepitude” by Slit Your Gods

A studio project made up of five high calibre musicians known for their work at the brutal end of Death Metal, Slit Your Gods is made up of players from both Russia and Spain whose main projects include Byonoisegenerator, Avgrunn, Arthropodal Humanicide, Sad Eyes and Ineffable Demise, held together by the vicious vocals of Jordi Mora for this debut EP. The concepts behind the lyrical themes are actually more in line with Black Metal with the idea of blasphemous and brutal music painting the white to grey or turning water to blood.

After speech which sounds like Jabba the Hut ordering his minions to do his bidding, “Cult of Supreme Blasphemy” becomes a homogeneous mass of frenetic juddering guitar work and pulverising rhythmic battery with ferocious intensity. Mora’s vocals defy all the odds, the voice of the anti-god roaring demonic defiance and disbelief from the base of the stone steps of the temples of deceit. He sounds like a man possessed, in every sense of the word, capable of destroying any place of worship with a plague from his black hole like throat. The guitars deliver a menacing atmospheric of blood curdling intent and it all comes together in fine style, even if it is on the raw side of production value. “Dragged by the Cross” continues the mayhem with an edge of Twitch of the Death Nerve in the riff department, Mora’s vocals becoming less and less audiable with each punishing verse. The pummelling rhythmic groove is ridiculously good, in unrelenting style as if the Gene Hoglan was performing on it, with all the metronomic precision but also capturing all of that soul in the feel. Eerie choral music backs the introduction of “Scapulars of Human Decay” with its sample speech explaining that every sin must be confessed and punished, before diving into some breakneck speed riffs with some Southern Groove thrown in for good measure, as if Pissing Razors met Cannibal Corpse for a bare Knuckle fist fight. The sweeping solo is piece of brilliance before the demonic roar of Mora Burns the flesh to the bone. A ripper of a debut, it begs for a hammer horror sequel and a video from Robert Rodriguez to accompany the madness [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Cult of Supreme Blasphemy
  2. Dragged by the Cross
  3. Scapulars of Human Decay

Dogmatic Convictions Of Human Decrepitude” by Slit Your Gods is out 11th September via Comatose Music and is available for pre-order over at bandcamp

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