Review: “Wings of Agony” by Lutharö

Hailing from Hamilton Ontario Canada, Lutharö are a Metal quintet of growing reputation. Their debut EP “Unleash The Beast” announced them to the scene in 2018 with vocalists Krista Shipperbottom’s impressive vocal range and the bands impressive stage presence earning them a reputation. Back for round two with “Wings of Agony“, that builds upon those foundations with both beauty and aggressive tendancies to create the next chapter.

Opening cut “Barren” sees Krista reach the Death Metal depths of Lauren Hart from Once Human while also reaching some Power Metal highs, switching the styles line by line as appropriate. That gives fuel to the fire that the band create with catchy riffs that have a modern edge with the Iron Maiden feel during the more melodic moments. “Diamond Black” has leanings of Unleash The Archers with its storytelling style and Krista is a match for any male vocalist in the growl department. Drummer Duval Gabraiel delivers some galloping kit work and the Power Metal undertones come through nicely. Switching to a more personal lyrical theme for “Blood Lightning“, an obvious single with a more traditional sung chorus, using the unclean vocals as a backing, makes for an interesting move. It has a more commercial sound and structure than the earlier pairing but still manages to slay with lead guitarist Victor Bucur giving a well balanced ripper of a solo. It may not have the emotional depth but it has the catchy element. “Will To Survive” steps back up into a heavier orientation while adding to the diversity of the bands sound with some beauty and beast contrasting moments playing against each other. The unrelenting energy of high tempo riffs and powerhouse percussion fills is a winning formula and Lutharö are a band with enough broad appeal to make it as full time musicians on a label roster if that is what they want to do. Their talent is obvious in these compositions and an they are more than a match for some bigger names. Title track “Wings of Agony” has been huge for the band and here proves that you don’t need a ballad to get yourself noticed in this genre of music. It finds the perfect balance vocally between the clean and unclean while delivering the riffs and a face melting solo to die for. The haunting music box piano ending is the perfect end note [8/10]

Track listing

1. Barren (5:21)
2. Diamond Back (4:31)
3. Blood Lightning (4:41)
4. Will to Survive (5:09)
5. Wings of Agony (6:02)

Wings of Agony” by Lutharö is out now

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