Review: “Zombiepura” by Evil Singing Pandas

You’re asking yourself one question. So here’s the answer. Evil Singing Pandas are a regional collaboration playing Thrash Metal and hailing from both Singapore and Bangkok, Thailand. The story goes that originally, vocalist Remy Evilpanda recorded a demo for the soundtrack to Zombiepura, a Singapore-made Zombie flick launched in late 2018, but for whatever reason it wasn’t picked. So multi instrumentalist Rex Viperon, the other half of Evil Singing Pandas stepped in and took the demo (a rap funk affair with licensed bass and drum loops) and reworked it into a Blackened Thrash cut before getting on board Lance, The King of Black Metal, from Witch Taint based in Indiana to add not only vocals but an outro guitar solo as well. The cut was released on the eve of Singapore’s national day to pay tribute to the Singapore Armed Forces for protecting the island, and of course, just in time to celebrate Singapore‚Äôs 55th Birthday…

…A classic Thrash Metal tale of violence as with just five bullets left, Evil Singing Pandas defend themselves against the Zombie hordes and protect the Island of Singapore at the same time. Witch Taint vocalist Lance drops an eclectic spoken word about joining Evil Singing Pandas to hang out and eat noodles, which just serves to add to the Municipal Waste style hilarity of the tale. Lance’s tapping solo which closes the track is an absolute peach, raining bullets on the parade. Then instrumental is ideal for a vocal cover and we’d love to hear Morphide get behind that and year, you’ve guessed it, the demo is original rap funk crossover. It has a couple of lines referencing Ice-T and is cleverly constructed, even if the quality of the vocal recording is a little raw. A killer track made into a mini EP that showcases the roots of where it came from, this is a must listen [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Zombiepura (Ft. Witch Taint)
  2. Zombiepura (Instrumental)
  3. Zombiepura (Demo)

Zombiepura” by Evil Singing Pandas is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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