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NEWS: The hate is real again for Body Count!

While Body Count have announced that they’ve begun work on the follow up to “Carnivore” entitled “MERCILESS“, the band have also unveiled a second fan made music video for their cut “The Hate Is Real“. Submitted as part of a competition, the Grammy award winners have chosen one created by German filmmaker Joerg Harms (Black

NEWS: Boom Dox strike three with “Zombie”!

A third single from the upcoming album “Dead Nation” from Socially and Politically charged Rap Metallers Boom Dox has landed, perfectly timed to follow last weekends “Army Of The Dead” from Zack Snyder. Entitled “Zombie“, it comes with an amazing animated video by Christos Papoulios at Morph Design. The album itself features not one but

NEWS: Boom Dox come out swinging!

Featuring not one but two guest vocal appearances from Vincent Price of Grammy Award Winners Body Count, the new three years in the making album from Socially and Politically charged Rap Metallers Boom Dox entitled “Dead Nation” will drop on 11th June. Those guest appearances are on “Guns Blazing” and “Leave No Man Behind“, the

NEWS: Body Count go Sock Puppet for “The Hate Is Real”!

Things just don’t stop in the World of Body Count. Having recently won the “Best Metal Performance” category at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards for their track “Bum-Rush”, they’ve now picked out a video created by 25 year old Brooklyn, NY-based filmmaker, Seby Martinez for “The Hate Is Real” as their next single from their

Bootleg: Body Count at Wacken!

The welcome return after eight long years of Ice T’s crossover Thrash Metal act Body Count with “Manslaughter” in 2014 was not only a surprise but something that has lead on to a three album streak of success with 2020’s “Carnivore” getting mixed and mastered by Will Putney (Thy Art Is Murder, Knocked Loose). Each

Review: “Zombiepura” by Evil Singing Pandas

You’re asking yourself one question. So here’s the answer. Evil Singing Pandas are a regional collaboration playing Thrash Metal and hailing from both Singapore and Bangkok, Thailand. The story goes that originally, vocalist Remy Evilpanda recorded a demo for the soundtrack to Zombiepura, a Singapore-made Zombie flick launched in late 2018, but for whatever reason

Review: “Ghost In The Shadows” by Rebelmatic

Writing lyrics centered around freedom, justice, equality, trauma and finding the light when in a dark place in an album that collectively forms an ode to life in New York City has already gained Rebelmatic plenty of fans in high places including HR from Bad Brains and Angelo Moore of Fishbone. That has no doubt

Interview: Power Trip talk new material!

Since 2017’s “Nightmare Logic” we’ve had just the one new song from Crossover Thrash Metallers Power Trip as they’ve concentrated on building their fanbase and cramming in as many shows on the biggest stages they can find. Frontman Riley Gale spoke on Mosh Talks, a new interview series from Knotfest, about the state of the

Bootleg: Suicidal Tendencies at Java Rockin land!

That’s right, we’re heading back to 2013 for a headlining set from the highly influential Crossover Kings Suicidal Tendencies at Java Rockin Land. For those not in the know, that’s Carnival Beach in Anchol Jakarta. The set includes all the classics like the Body Count covered masterpiece “Institutionalized“, “Pledge Your Allegiance” and “Freedumb“. Who could