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Review: “Zombiepura” by Evil Singing Pandas

You’re asking yourself one question. So here’s the answer. Evil Singing Pandas are a regional collaboration playing Thrash Metal and hailing from both Singapore and Bangkok, Thailand. The story goes that originally, vocalist Remy Evilpanda recorded a demo for the soundtrack to Zombiepura, a Singapore-made Zombie flick launched in late 2018, but for whatever reason

Bootleg: Suicidal Tendencies at Java Rockin land!

That’s right, we’re heading back to 2013 for a headlining set from the highly influential Crossover Kings Suicidal Tendencies at Java Rockin Land. For those not in the know, that’s Carnival Beach in Anchol Jakarta. The set includes all the classics like the Body Count covered masterpiece “Institutionalized“, “Pledge Your Allegiance” and “Freedumb“. Who could

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Colors.

Today’s head to head otherwise known as Vs Tuesday, in which we face off two bands who have covered the same song and let you decide who the winner is as the ultimate judge is actually kind of a cheat. Why? Well in the Red Corner (trademark, patient applied for) we have Body Count, who

NEWS: Body Count joined by Will Putney!

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered once again by the Legendary Will Putney, Ice-T fronted Body Count have set March as the date for their upcoming new album “Carnivore” via Century Media. The news follows an announcement about a European Festival run in June and comes with this visualizer for the title track!

NEWS: Trappist release black & white video for “Victims Of A Bomber Raid”!

Trappist, a Los Angeles California trio comprised of Chris Dodge (Spazz, ex-Infest, ex-Despise You), Phil Vera (Crom, Despise You, ex-(16)-) and Ryan Harkins (co-owner of popular heavy metal-themed burger joint Grill Em’ All, ex-Killed In Action), are preparing to release new album “Ancient Brewing Tactics” via Relapse Records on 17th August, with new single “Victims

Playlist: Rap Metal.

Metal Injection released a their 10 most underrated Rap Metal songs over this past weekend and it got us thinking. While Rap Metal was something that was arguably started by Anthrax‘s collaboration with Public Enemy, it was generally considered part of the Nu-Metal era sound. So where does that leave it now? Nu-Metal elements have

Bootleg: Body Count live at Pinkpop

Filmed at Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf, Holland in June 2015 on the “Manslaughter” tour, here’s a full set, Pro-Shot in High Definition from Body Count! Ice-T’s metal crew will be upon our shores with their “Bloodlust” tour this summer, playing at the Koko in London and Download Festival.