Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Colors.

Today’s head to head otherwise known as Vs Tuesday, in which we face off two bands who have covered the same song and let you decide who the winner is as the ultimate judge is actually kind of a cheat. Why? Well in the Red Corner (trademark, patient applied for) we have Body Count, who recorded their version of “Colors” by Ice-T for their freshly released and pretty damn cool Will Putney produced album “Carnivore“. So Ice-T is covering Ice-T? Well it’s different enough being in the Body Count style in our collective opinion, though other opinions are available. Feel free to shoot this one down in flames in the comments below.

In the Blue Corner we have Oakland California’s Machine Head. They covered the track for one of three bonus cuts that appeared on their album “The More Things Change…” and with the news that mastermind Robb Flynn has got a solo album in the works with 5 tracks down that will feature some 90s hip-hop, it seems that this one may well be appearing once again in any live shows that support that release. You know, when the “Burn My Eyes” 20th Anniversary tour finally comes to a close and Logan Mader goes back to Once Human. Who wins? You decide!

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