Single Review: “Wild Hunt” by Accused Years

Four years after “Fall of Frost“, Accursed Years have wondered back from the black, cold forests of their Nordic dreams to bring us some more Folk fueled Black Metal in the form of single “Wild Hunt” produced by Deadweight Productions and accompanying music video. The track itself follows up 2015’s “Sons of Fenrir” with similarly styled moments that have take from a variety of influences and regurgitate into the bands own style; part Black Metal, part pagan folk inspired with traditional moments, particularly in the way the lead guitars come together and lyrically with just a hint of Power Metal coming through the mix. The Scandinavian scene is the foundation on which this atmospheric is built, the somber, bleak tones refreshed by the bright leads and clean vocal moments before being severed once again by the unclean savagery and fist pumping drums. You can snap up a copy here. [7.5/10]

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