Exclusive Interview: Wyrmhaven talk “Delirium”!

Tucson, Arizona Melodic Death Metal quintet Wyrmhaven who comprise Ryan Daily (lead guitars), Keith Huffman (bass, also in Decayer) alongside Nick Cowan (guitars), Stephen Majalca (drums, also in Annarbor) and Alex Parra (vocals) dropped their debut EP together in August entitled “Delirium“. The core of the quintet have been friends for 10 plus years, having been in bands with each other through out that time and got together a couple of years back over Pizza and Beer to write some metal that people would bang their head too, something mean and heavy with melody. We reviewed the record not that long ago and asked Nick Cowan a few questions about how everything came together…

Delirium” has been out for a few months now, how have you found the reaction to the material? We have had nothing but positive reviews/reactions/ whatever you want to call it. It’s actually humbling to hear what people think of it, and having such good reinforcement of it.

Wyrmhaven is made up of a group of friends who’d known each other for a long time, so how difficult was it for the fresh face of vocalist Alex Parra to bed in and get his head around the vision that the rest of you had for the bands sound? Alex is such amazing vocalist and person, that  we just said have fun. Do what you want. Same with every aspect of it, Everyone has the freedom to write their parts, and not over complicate it.

Having members in Decayer and Annarbor, was there any talk of how to keep the music of Wyrmhaven different to those bands? Wyrmhaven is so different from both Decayer and Annarbor, that there wouldn’t be any overlapping in style. Both are great in their perspective genres by the way!

During the recording you switched from recording with lead guitarist Ryan Daily in house to with Ty at Engle Studios, who also handled the mixing and mastering of the record. How did the decision to make that switch come about and did any of the original session material make it onto the finished record? Really easy transition actually. Had to fix a few parts here and there, but it worked out amazing. Ty did both the mixing and mastering and he crushed it. Some original parts were taken out, and we left out a couple songs, but new music will be on the way soon enough

When live shows are possible, who would you like to bring on stage to make a guest appearance on one of your songs, which one and why? We would love to play shows, but most importantly, we want everyone to be safe in these times. The shred will commence soon enough. In regards to having someone on stage, that’s a tough one, cause we would just be stoked to play these songs live.

Love that you got together originally over Pizza and Beer to write Metal, those three things in combination are favourites of ours as well; so the question is, which are your favourite toppings? You can’t go wrong with beer, pizza and metal lol. I love all kinds of pizza, but right now I’d have to go with a Margherita style pizza, or maybe some salami and pepperoni, maybe ham and pineapple, I can’t choose!

Delrium” by Wyrmhaven is out now and available over at bandcamp

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